Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A Long Walk You Can No Longer Avoid

Allow yourself to perceive that what matters matters, and its mattering is not up to you. 

Goldenrod going to seed. What's messy vs. what's not.

Missing being kissy with you. 

Rainy skies the day after we learn the front yard Norway Maple has to come down, an ancient tree beneath which many locals were married, a sorrow like all sorrows inevitable.

Pigeons modeling synchronicity. Breakfast deals at the new place in Chesterfield, like all deals devoid of what makes me willing to travel.  

Roland Barthes' point that "the infinity of the signifier refers not to some idea of the ineffable (the unnameable signified) but to that of a playing." Why bother correlating at all if not to bring forth a text?

Shining armor in which men see themselves reflected and choose not to be crusaders after all. God bless you my son!

Implicit arguments. The role a sentence plays in the ones that follow. Language is recursive and generative. And there are no mysteries!

Sunflower heads dangling seedless, stalks brown and withered yet upright in the mist. Holes in window screens through which hornets pass. A better cup of coffee than those I make myself, having passed beyond the imperative of quality.

Yet what is absent is not gone and so cannot be missed. How you think because she glimpsed It in you It is in you, and other errors upon which your sorrow hangs, a red cape for a long walk you can no longer avoid. 

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