Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Out of the Forest at Twilight

Sentence after sentence, a reminder that eternity is not "time unending" but rather "no time at all." The fox came up out of the forest at twilight, loping in a relaxed way along the pasture's edge, a way that made me happy by reminding me that death is neither the end nor the beginning. And then and then and then. And thus. The kids ask for cinnamon raisin bread so I make cinnamon raisin bread. Ask a philosophical question, get a philosophical answer. In so many ways, reasons become hostages to fortunes they did not - indeed, could not - anticipate. Dad is gone now, and what remains is an absence in which I recognize the Lord, which is just another kind of absence. In the blue stillness there is nobody who says "in the blue stillness." Gift-giver, go-getter. Get along little doggie, get along. Go home, good god, go home.

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