Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Mere Shift in Description

Ships beget shipwrecks. Thus we are discovered. 

A long silence in which images of you naked predominate. 

Guy walks into a bar and learns to appreciate his wife. Sunlight on the barn roof, too bright to study. Pax.

Basically, magicians are organizers. Near eleven I grow hungry, begin fantasizing crackers and cheese, spankakopita, bowls of clam chowder (and, oddly, winter). 

Non-obvious - and non-trivial - gaps in our knowing. It is the case that sometimes a mere shift in description will undo decades-old knots. Rhubarb pie, pacification projects, rain.

Context has to do with use, purpose, social dynamics, culture and so forth. Maple sugar sprinkled on pancakes. Post-blowjob messiness.

Oh Hestia, oh Hermes!

Making sense of environments in which problems - let alone answers, solutions, fixes - are unclear and hard to discover. And as time passes, even more so.

Narrative competence.

What survives in the cells of eggplant. What you want, ask for, get, give away.

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