Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Darknesses Eventually Turn

Distractions abound. Chickadees, women, moonlight - even the idea of justice. It's okay. Without metaphors, we starve, yet without starvation, we have no means to discover the loveliness inherent in what is always empty. What words wrought, words cannot untangle! Don't fight the yearning to fall but rather praise falling. As before dawn I slip out the back door and lean against the garage which smells of new paint despite the cold and recent snow. One more night with stars, with the space between stars, and with that which holds it all as one. All my darknesses eventually turn north, my mornings a hymn to that frozen sacred quadrant. The heart opens to every traveler and some stay longer than others. The prayer becomes a habit, then a duty, then a gift and then becomes a prayer again. The Beloved says: for a little while longer, yes? So, yes then. Yes.


  1. This paragraph is beautifully wrought, Sean :)

    Words may not be able to untangle their own knots, but it seems, they can tease out the stray ends of others, letting a little more light in. That's what this does for me.

    I was delighted to visit and see fresh writing ... my soul did its little happy dance, so thank you.

    And thank you, too, for your kind words on my writing. Yes. There have been more pockets of clarity, more frequent visits of "Yes."... yet I am learning, too, not to grow complacent... to move toward greater acceptance of the play of both light and dark.

    I hope the new semester has started well and you and your family are healthy. It seems, you all have become part of mine. Of course, given the big picture, that comes as no surprise. :)


  2. Thanks, Cheryl . . .

    Classes start next week; it was kind of a hectic break in its own way, oddly accompanied by the deepening silence I am still - apparently - feeling called upon to break! I appreciate your kind words with respect to my writing, as always, and I'm glad you're here.

    ~ Sean