Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Old Story

Do you know the old story about the monk who left the monastery because he had never kissed a woman? What about the story of the woman he ended up kissing?

Yesterday a robin flew into the window. No wait - it was two days ago.

Yesterday it rained. Yesterday I got yet another kiss that reminded me monasteries are indeed overrated.

Apple blossoms! Trout feeding at twilight, reminding me of fishing with you, those years before you went away.

You can only collect so much quartz. You can only lose your car keys so many times.

It was not the image itself so much as the willingness to offer it. I hadn't written sentences like that in twenty years!

K. calls and I plead sick to avoid her long apology. How many biblical references does one woman need?

Ah, but there is always another hand. The blue lights of faerie seen again in the bracken.

Rain woke me but passed before I could decide was it worth walking back to the house. My first bottle of whiskey in at least two years.

One hears in a dream the opening notes to Fur Elise. One wakes to mist, deer grazing close enough to touch.

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