Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why You Read This

Why do you read this?

Yes, you.

The confirmation for which you long is not mine to give.

Do you understand why you cannot leave?

The moon is silent.

The bluets are silent, too.

But in the morning the birds are very clear and loud.

One listens to them over tea.

There is no song like New England at dawn in summer.

I am deeply happy walking alone, studying and praying, and later writing.

I said yes a long time ago to it.

Some people think they want this life but they don't.

It doesn't matter.

For a long time the dead tried to kill me but a woman came.

There are many women, most who confuse me with my writing, but she didn't.

I understand why you left.

You have to sit still by the pond a long time in darkness before the moose comes, heavy and slow, to eat.

Not everyone can do it that way but I can.

I learned a long time ago the only solitude that matters.

That is why you read this.

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