Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sufficient Unto Gratitude

Precisely the luminescence of dawn. Bright stars of honeysuckle, soft call of sleepy owls. The brook is a small cascade, the noun an emerging container. Nobody here knows what to do! The dog goes ahead and we linger, muttering but glad. The lilac evolves steadily. Bluets are more God than last year. How clocks roil the salty sea! And all our aimless wandering brings us finally to joy. Another clove of raw garlic please, another sliver of ginger. Oh for the woman who shares the warm slope of her shoulder! Kisses are flowers, caresses a river. But in the body one is never free. A glorious cage remains a cage. We do, in fact, "steal" our pleasure, mostly from eternity. And yet one heals, one does. Walking all morning, praying, thinking of the ones who helped us find the way. What envelope is sufficient unto gratitude? See the sun rise again. Who is beckoned, answers, and who answers calls all the lost ones home.

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