Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Resonant and Universal Solace

One elects to write a certain way and is at home. Influence matters! But we are drawn to voices - as in the mode of articulation, not the sound. Again one grapples with meaning, understanding at last that it cannot be avoided. I do not question my attraction to immigrants, nor the way in which together we manifest a resonant and universal solace. One appreciate the slow evolution of lilac blossoms in May. And reminders that the soul when it takes to grass renders the earth exuberant. I have already entered that particular desert and learned there is nothing to save or retrieve. And yet I do appreciate - at what feels like a late juncture - a relationship that allows me to delve into Russia and the whole history of thought. Hence this, hence now. Question everything, including questioning. Bohm is unimpressed with insight, which makes its impersonal nature less intimidating. Flow in writing can be problematic if not handled well. The plumbing is not as efficient as it used to be! And again I visit the doctors who say if you do not make certain changes . . . Well, one accepts a last Spring happily. Right understanding means you could follow a bluet to the same effect as following Jesus. And I do. It is not endings we fear so much as the apparent beginning again. You comforted me at the lake, and when later we were naked said, now the Divine kisses you, now it bends to take you in.

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