Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Torah Brough Great Comfort

In a letter she wrote about her son who loved to push his stroller and sang the kooky songs that pre-language toddlers sing but this was before Paris, this was before that grave. It was a very stormy night for our first couple and can you guess then how it ended? Jackson - ever diligent in the ways of feral cats - found himself a dead rat near the front yard swingset. Biblically, she looks well to the ways of both her home and family. Do you remember when you called me?

We found a clawfoot tub painted bright blue by the mission and took photographs of one another inside it. Kids played checkers while the riverboat tried twice to make it land before the flames began and people started jumping, even those who didn't know how to swim. Be careful of putting too much faith in active membership of the church. Some people just want to uplift my soul and make me promise I'll do better by the Lord when all I really want to do is eat bread and salty cheese and hedge on the Divine. Forgotten Christmas carols always show up unexpectedly, the melodies like stitches undoing the fabric of air.

Love God, love other people and above all, love babies. The Torah brought great comfort in a difficult time. I'm not averse to the Northern slope of Alaska but I'll probably be alone when I get there. J. was lonely as a child but still managed to raise himself and now he's a preacher bringing all kinds of people home to Christ! Still, one needs a good hot sauce recipe, one needs friends who appreciate a good paragraph.

That which results in giggles cannot be all bad. I was in those days trying to get to a place where magic shows wouldn't be so awesome. We hooked the trailer up, drove seventy or so miles south and camped by a river in which fat trout could be seen, rising like shadows to feed in the dusk. Things got difficult when I put the plants before the people but luckily now it's only Marigolds. What I mean is, I don't need all the answers in order to trust that He has all the answers, see?

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