Monday, October 10, 2011

The One Who Traveled Beside You

We naturally orient in the direction of grace yet resistance remains powerful. What gives? She hefted an oil lantern where the sea had been strongest and its light - effusive, tremulous - was very nearly enough.

I remember Burlington, I remember the Battle of Gettysburg. Upon arrival, be sure to greet the one who traveled beside you. It is the smallest fire yet burns brighter than all the stars combined.

No teachers, no lessons! The guru sat thoughtfully in the bathroom scratching a flea bite while outside his followers burnished roses and celebrated their uniqueness. What do you keep secret even from your "self?"

Listen, the obsession with oneness can easily slip over into specialness and this is the source of all resistance. Being without water, one naturally assumed the characteristics of salt. Twenty more sentences, then some quatrains, and then you can take a break.

Freud reconsidered, Jung set gently aside. Jesus out back with the hens who would cheerfully scratch up a Van Gogh original if you placed it before them in the dust. It begins with awareness but of what and by whom, that is the question.

Yet to question is itself duality. Yet repetition might be one way beyond the veil. What he was saying was that he was drowning in an intellectual understanding of Christ Mind that was so complex - yet true, in a felt way - that it rendered presence of any kind all but impossible.

The ocean of longing, the night of desire, the dawn of understanding in a mind that has at last surrendered. I am saying that tea in the right mug is a fine thing indeed.

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