Friday, October 7, 2011

The Familiar Dispute Perfectly

So little time. First Debussy, then accolades for a famous dead man, then the snooze button. What did I think in the night? Sentences act as fulcrums. The countryside was sold for cheap. Because the poor long to be known by those they do not know. Generals anticipate new power and suppress the inevitable foreboding. I am here but where are you? We adjudicated the familiar dispute perfectly, didn't we? The horse located a perfect chunk of raw quartz and many hours were then spent polishing it. The cold field across which my children ran, straight into the arms of Jesus. We age and learn our bodies aren't as unprotected as we thought. To question duality is to maintain duality. I will be the bell you have always wanted to hear ringing at dawn. Crackers and goat cheese, chilly grapes right off the vine, six strands of horse hair flickering where the screen hangs. She helped a spider right itself in the shower and thus I fell in love. Nobility is no less which is why so few phone calls are answered in time. Anger moves in the earth like lightening because that's where we want it. Better to drink cheap beer in an empty garage while it rains than go to heaven alone. Welcome brother to the visible - I mean the risible - slice.

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