Wednesday, August 3, 2011

God Pretending To Be Otherwise

We have all the time there is. Ample distractions include real estate, special shoes for walking and politics. This is why I bow before quartz, he wrote, to the amusement of those who had ears. Yet after, poking through a back cupboard, one found a paper bag inside of which certain plants were drying. The map didn't prepare us for that. The world is not real and neither are you is hard to say to journalists who cover genocide, cancer victims and kids who just stubbed their toe. Love is more significant than chairs and potato chips but not vintage red umbrellas. That one can have an enlightened experience signifies the presence of certain critical brain receptors. If you draw conclusions, you haven't learned a damn thing. Give us a kiss then? A perfect paragraph of enlightening prose. A dirty cup being passed around for laughs was reclaimed as one's own and given a thorough, even inspiring, washing. Embodied architecture, academia, coinage, deli meats. Given the chance, most dreams won't do the bland work of interpretation. We changed the station. Her art was vivid but derivative which was easy to forgive, given the stories she was always sharing. The model straightened, yawned, but never took her eyes off the window where a winter lilac scratched. The influence of Van Gogh - Starry Night in particular - is obvious. Prague becomes a verb in the new language movement. We who are creations of God pretending to be otherwise.

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