Monday, November 3, 2008

Smooth And Artificial

One fumbles, doesn't one? Those bruises are easy to explain if you'll only let me do the talking. An emotional regimen ceases giving only when you don't. He assumed defensively a demeanor reminiscent of medieval peasants.

The mug handle was cool and smooth and artificial. Like rain the piano notes fell. October weather renders apple trees helpfully discursive, especially when viewed from the supine - the post-coital - position. Always ask if it happened or was it just a photograph.

The tyranny of Pyrite my brother. Currier & Ives were an early influence. Kittens peered out from beneath the couch terrified. We cobbled together a kitchen, made pie, peace.

Hansel and Gretel at last understood as a cautionary note for overly ambitious adults. At all times gold leaves could be seen fluttering independent of the wind. One sits when removing their belt, doesn't one. In accordance with the foregoing, a pause.

My hand was star-shaped in pale light from the half-open door. Lost lumpen Nattie, his sliver of raw need North. Then there was a window through which nothing interesting was ever seen. Oh those black wax discs!

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