Sunday, November 2, 2008


Borrowings and stealings which are not beggings are in need of a new name. In that particular graveyard one was given to dreams of palimpsest. So let all meaning in then.

This was a time after the defeat of the Moors and before the Inquisition. It did lead, once we had finished our juggling lessons, to a typology of current practices. But remember, the desire for fame and fortune marks a definite infirmity of the poetic inclination.

Within the Capitalist framework of ownership I simultaneously am. One way to think of geography would be as a form of history over a long period. Whose intentions are you calling fugitive, sir?

There are, at any given moment, myriad possibilities. In fact, a new form of astrology is due to be created at any moment! And we will, at that time, begin altering the meaning of a word here or there, not to mention muting the tenor of the piece as a whole.

The former handler of the dead letters has become silent in a bland penal colony. Crude cobblings, roughly smacked together. Love is outside of us, bumps now and again into a him or a her, and then takes off again.

He found at last the real America. Of a savage wilderness one can be easily redeemed by the study of native flora. Is it simply in the end a beautiful and elaborately-staged simulacra?

Ruins were all the rage. It is not a lack but rather a blindness to the decomposition inherent in our biology regardless of how "new" one feels in a given moment.

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