Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Nadir Here

Orangutans tickled the ivory. Split level cake, piles of whipped cream. Over coffee, beers, tall glasses of water.

Slumbering fundamentalists faced with Emily Dickinson. She stepped back to breathe and the world followed a model of obedience. You can read this sentence any way you want.

A phenomenon that ended after diligent head colds. The true nature of crisis arrives over breakfast. Sunlight filtered through the last of the tomato plants, was deeply reminiscent.

We were borrowers awaiting a dream. A story line that promised fame and fortune yet otherwise remained elusive. Darts, dog barf, doughnuts.

And sterling silver in unopened drawers. An oval begets a mouse. When it came to geography vs. landscape he didn't hesitate to take sides.

Over-cooked steak. A wine bottle rolled back and forth over the kitchen floor making those who watched think of the sea. Let us now bid farewell to the primacy of the word.

A letter arrives, awash with sweet steam. This nadir here, not the other.

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