Thursday, September 4, 2008

Past Glacial Till Considering

Leapt or leaped. Wait until tonight. I was herbivorous so far as the Cenozoic. Lettuce will not wilt, arrive, or stage a secession.

Destiny is the cousin of ambivalence. Family rivalries best even cornfields. You bring water, I'll sing. They wandered past glacial till, considering even then holding hands.

A deer in the bracken, a Cuban cigar. That'd be Dwight E. Eisenhower. The letters arrived in a black pouch, each one ornate, and reeking of blue ink. Or so the many words implied.

So late, so tired. A stanza is just order, holding what at bay. He missed writing but. Yet four lines bleary-eyed was no feat at all.

And so then there was and believe me. A soft gold glitter. The body of a dead dog wrapped in a shower curtain. Water rises, we just follow.

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