Friday, September 5, 2008

Ailments, Religion

Beginnings, endings.

Vaslav Nijinsky waited out the forties with his eye on a slant of light. Le Spectre de la Rose, over and over and over. The last breath, the brass monument, grace.

In 1932, a shower of gold coins. Lemonade on a green table, the green table, and still in the distance, mortar. Prayers were uttered, parasols folded. You could hear over the far hill the low rumble of whole armies in flight.

But before all that, Mary Wigman. Anna Pavlova in 1915, her eyes a remedy for ailments, religion. Charlotte Rudolph bent behind the shuttered lens and said now. While the doctor declined to meeting anyone's eyes.

The problems that dance created then, for them, that way. Fragments of betrayal seeded in admiration. Daguerreotypes, lithographs, the cabinet card. The relationship between human movement and photography.

Oh but Lydia Sokolova in 1915! Contes, Russia, where the smoke took forever to dissipate. We are across from the crematorium, that's what blocks the sun. Gone then, to the wings, that other place, shadowed.

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