Sunday, August 3, 2008

Unfurling The Burgeoning Melody

Between the squash plants (yellow flowering spirals) a garter snake. Thinking, deliberate. Milkweed, last year's Monarchs. Gossamer. First clouds, then blue, then a hawk drifting gyre.

The canoe falls over with a thump. No blossoms yet on the west-bending sunflower. A broken heart, unraveling hymns.

The dimensions aforesaid. Norse myths, effeminate gods. Why else but for desire would we. Uncoiling where the the purple announcement. Left in an email, it withered, a scribble.

Recall the scythe, lanterns, pipe smoke. The old man smelled like wintergreen. Or watercress, wheat.

Hills unfurling the burgeoning melody. Since when when last you asked. The knives were dull, in want of polish. Petulance, in place of what.

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