Friday, August 15, 2008

All The Swords

You take all the swords and forge them into one sword. You have to believe in an unreal outcome. Deep feelings derived from a soulful melancholy. Leaving the collective discussion for the peace of silence. The lesson here is to avoid any challenge.

You are rushed forward to a journey. You are inclined to slip away. Misrepresented or altogether the wrong story. Ignoring a truth for so long. These moments of isolated sorrow. At the end of this grueling exercise.

Testing your reaction to dramas. Protecting your arrival at a certain destination. Making demands and being clear. Enjoyment of the richness all around. Gentler, more vulnerable.

Authority is no guise. Often in a position to pass judgments. He fears loosing control of his mind by opening his heart. Calculated wisdom. In search of abstract truths which are his obsession.

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